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The founding principle of Habonim Dror is to create a framework which enables young people to educate their peers and together, to promote their ideological and educational goals.

Habonim Dror is active worldwide, with more than ______ members in dozens of countries from United States, Israel, Germany or Australia to New Zealand and South Africa. Furthermore, through Habonim Dror's Israel Experiential programs: Maslool (iTrack) and Kibbutz Ulpan, hundreds of other Jewish and non-Jewish pre and post-college young adults come and experience life and work in Israel.

On all of our programs, we offer the members of Habonim Dror an educational experience based on the value of human equality, as well as other humanistic values, which stem from the movement's Guidebook (Takanon). These include, among others, values such as Tikkun Olam (Repair the World), Democracy, Social Justice, Collectivism, all of them stand as an entire way-of-life based on the principle of Pioneership (Chalutziut).

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