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New shlijut, same tnua…and same passion.

By Mica Sánchez, Shlicha Artzit of Habonim Dror Brazil

What is it to be a sheliach? what does it mean to be on shlichut? I started this path in 2018, with a 7-month-old belly, many fears and prejudices, little knowledge of how to do this task and a great desire to learn. Two and a half years went by in Argentina and all kinds of things happened! Local, national, and continental seminars, machanot and many miles of flight traveling to all the keinim of the country.

Definitely being a sheliach is not an easy task, but the end of the road is full of satisfactions. It is not only gratifying to see when the chanichim return from the machane full of content, new ideas and the desire to tell their families about all their experiences, but also when the Tnua takes hold of that mixed place of nostalgia and reference within people. Nostalgia of those adults who have already left the Tnua but who from the outside manage to be present and help with day-to-day tasks. Reference of the Tnua within the Jewish community being the framework of non-formal Judeo-Zionist education which is what the Tnua is.

Many achievements and goals were met during these two and a half years. This happened thanks to the joint work of the bogrim, hanagot and shlicha, the keinim, the tnua arztit and the tnua olamit.

Then came the pandemic and with it a total change in plans. Now, I am in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, starting a new shlichut in Habonim Dror, knowing and understanding the dynamics of the local Tnua, seeing what the challenges and possible objectives are for the next two years.

It only remains to be said that each country is unique and that is what makes Habonim Dror so special. No matter where you are, it's always exciting to see a boguer with the chultza!

See you soon in Río!

Ale ve hagshem

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